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Success Stories

Since 2004 when the first family moved in, HIP has housed six families from the Princeton communities who were in imminent danger of homelessness. We are proud to have transitioned three of the six families to an affordable apartment and one to home ownership. Following is the story of two families we have assisted:

Family AFamily A consisting of two working parents and two small children were with us for two years. They were referred to HIP because the father working at a local food store and the mother working as a cashier at a take-out food establishment combined income was not sufficient to cover the rent for their apartment in town and they became homeless. Upon moving into Prescott House a case manager, HIP board member and the client started identifying needs and collaborating on a plan to improve their circumstances. A dentist friend of HIP’s completed dental work pro bono. This gave an instant ‘boost’ to the individual’s self esteem. HIP paid for the mother to receive job training as a certified Phlebotomist resulting in part-time and then full-time employment at the Medical Center of Princeton and the availability of medical insurance. As their vehicle was dying, another friend of HIP’s (with two vehicles, but needed only one) generously donated a reliable vehicle to this family so they could get to day care, work, etc. This family is now living and paying rent in an apartment leased to HomeFront.

Family JFamily J was in residence for 12 months, consisted of a single mother with four children: one away at college, one at Princeton High School, one in Princeton middle school and one (with a chronic illness) in Princeton elementary school at the time. Though this mother had a good job, she was in debt and faced eviction from a local Landlord. Nevertheless, she was determined not to compromise the children’s educational opportunities and pursued all efforts to stay in town and keep them in the Princeton schools. One of our board members, a financial planner, worked with her intensively and was able to help her resolve her debt and clear up her credit. She dreamed of home ownership and was able to fulfill that dream by purchasing a modest one-half duplex in Princeton where she continues to live with her children. Her oldest son who graduated from Princeton High School while at Prescott House started his senior year at Princeton University in the fall of 2009.

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